Jason and the Crawdad King

Golden Bell Presents Polar Press

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Jason and the Crawdad King is an awe-inspiring, eye-opening journey into a natural dreamscape where compassion is rewarded with feats of wonder! This is a children s book for the families who want to pass on lessons of love and appreciation for nature. Jason loved the creek by his house and visited his animal friends each and every day. One day, his whole life changed after he came across a tangled up crawdad in desperate need of help. Upon freeing the crustacean, Jason asked of no reward from his new talking friend. The crawdad was so struck by the boy's natural and unassuming kindness that he promised the boy many wonders in his dreams that night... Join Jason on his adventure and learn a few things about treating others with kindness and giving a helping hand wherever it may be needed. If you do, you just might discover another magical world!