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LOST Message in a Bottle

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LOST Message in a Bottle Card Game


Message in a Bottle is a humorous, party card game for 3 to 10 players.

  • Use character, location, and event cards to tell your very own LOST endings.
  • Tell your own epilogues, character side stories, or answer your favorite island mysteries!
  • Comes with collectible Dharma Fish Biscuit, Vincent the Dog, and Polar Bear tokens!
  • Hurley's Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket is used for prompts, like "Create the Funniest Ending" to tell your own specific island stories.


Shipping Information: Once the campaign is completed, we will be sending out a post-campaign reward survey that will include an ability for everyone to update their shipping addresses, select their add-ons, add new add-ons, change their reward tier, and pay for Shipping & Handling. To clarify, Shipping & Handling will be charged after the campaign as it is not included in your pledge for any product on


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