Once Upon A Time: Ship or Skip Card Game

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Expected release date is Holiday 2020!

Once Upon a Time: Ship or Skip


Ship or Skip is a game for 2 to 6 players. It's a hand management game where players try to manage relationships, scoring their best couples while playing other cards to slow their opponents down.

Your personal favorite Once Upon a Time relationships are a serious thing, and you get to control the fairy tale world in this game!

When a person matches enough character likes and interests together, they lock the pair’s relationship into place! Whether you’re championing Captain Swan or Snowing, the best player finds their happily ever after.

Lock your couples into place by using the heart shaped tokens to keep track of how well your characters match! Some characters have a lot in common naturally, and some just need a little push to make the sparks ignite!

Players can use the power of true love in the form of Action Cards to help their dream couples overcome any obstacle, while using magical forces to separate other pairs.

So hold on to those special cards in your hand for the right moment! If you're ever stuck, we have an easy guide to help you break a Ship!

Roll the custom Shipping Dice to bring any couple closer together. Steal and curse other players with magic to separate couples. Don't give up hope though!

All is not lost if your couple breaks up, After all, true love’s kiss can break any curse—especially loneliness!

The game is quick to set up, and easy to learn! Watch the video to learn How to Play for Ship or Skip!

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