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  • A carefully crafted balance of strategy and luck
  • Countless playtests that helped create a perfectly balanced gameplay
  • Asymmetrical characters that provide seven unique paths to victory
  • Easy-to-learn gameplay that’s friendly to younger players and those new to the hobby
  • Plays fast, with games lasting just over an hour
  • Endless variety, with randomized events each turn that require you to change tactics on-the-fly
  • Victory points are also currency, so winning requires knowing when and how much to invest
  • A customizable experience - make the game less luck-dependent or less complex using built-in variants
  • It’s a labour of love created by board game fans, for board game fans like you





 Every copy of Cauldron comes with the following components:


  • 44 Field tiles (2.5 mm thick)
  • 132 Ingredient tokens (2.5 mm thick)
  • 202 cards (57 Potions, 87 Spells, 46 Omens, 12 Cellars)  (300 gsm)
  • 7 Character cards and 7 Character Tokens 
  • 3 Reference Cards
  • A Magik track 
  • Rulebook 
  • 5 six-sided dice




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