It's an Extra Spooky Heebie Jeebie Creepy Halloween

Golden Bell Presents Polar Press

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It’s an Extra Spooky, Heebie-Jeebie, Creepy Halloween!

Golden Bell's Polar Press is proud to unveil

A fun, spooky Halloween adventure sure to give kids the creeps!

Join our trick-or-treating Pirate as he makes his way home one creepy Halloween night. Will he make it home ok, or will he meet creepy monsters and spooky beasts? All we know is that it will be “an Extra Spooky, Heebie-Jeebie, Creepy Halloween!”

About The Story

Our Pirate hero stands in for every little boy and girl experiencing one of the most remarkably memorable holidays: Halloween. The little adventurer’s quest for sweets gets interrupted by ghosts and ghouls, ready to pounce, distracting the boy from all of the door-to-door treats. Now, since his journey reflects every young reader’s experience, it must be said that the boy comes out of his journey very much alive, definitely not dead!


Everyone’s experience of Halloween follows a lot of the same paths, and we’ve all let our imaginations run wild on this terrific holiday that leaves our bellies full with candy and snacks. Of course, no extra special Halloween would be complete without all of the false scares that are simply the result of our over-active imaginations. Not to worry! Brave children like our pirate will prevail and learn that Halloween night isn’t so scary after all… as long as you keep the lights on in your bedroom.



If you and your family enjoy the holiday, then you’ll love this world filled with frights that will delight readers whether read during the day or at night!