Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux® Stuffed Animal

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Snuggle her and hear her roar!

Lil' Bunny Sue Roux the T. rex Bunny Cat! Bring home your very own today! 


Be PAWS-itive!

Roux appreciates every single day she's alive and does everything a cat can possibly do!

She takes cat naps, chases after her cat and bunny friends at home, and always keeps a positive outlook on life. 


Big Blue Eyes!

Every 10-inch, soft-as-fur Roux plush comes with sparkling blue eyes that look up at you with affection! 




Follow Along with Roux!

Roux lives her life to the fullest. From New Orleans, Roux is someone you've probably seen around the Interwebs.You can follow her here: @lilbunnysueroux on Instagram as she brings smiles to the faces of her half a million followers and counting 

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  • 5
    special cat true story

    Posted by Greeny on Nov 26th 2018

    My girls know the story of Lil Bunny Sue Roux, a special cat with a big following. This cat can do a lot of things despite not having the front paws. It's a cute stuffed animal with several colors. This gives kids the opportunity to simulate taking care of a cat like Lil Bunny Sue Roux. They liked it right away.

  • 5
    simply adorable

    Posted by outlaw poet on Nov 26th 2018

    I was unfamiliar with the cat in question, but my daughter knew exactly who this was. Lil Bunny Sue Roux is simply adorable. Plush, well made, and very cute. She's suitable for all ages and is sure to become a quick favorite - especially for bedtime and cuddles. (She's super soft.) Those unfamiliar with her story will likely take straight to the web to learn all about her, but your littles will love her even without that.

  • 5
    its a fantastic plush

    Posted by J.J on Nov 26th 2018

    I also received this item through Roux's Kickstarter campaign. It's a fantastic plush...great quality, great looks, and really catches the spirit of Roux. I'm very happy I have this plush in my collection, and if you're interested in this at all I think you'll be very happy with your purchase.

  • 5
    Just about as precious a stuffed kitty as you will ever find

    Posted by Robert Moore on Nov 26th 2018

    Oh my god, how cute is this? It is impossible for me to imagine any small child whose heart doesn't melt at the sight of this incredibly gorgeous little stuffed kitty. I mean, just look at it. This is as cute as any stuffed animal ever gets. And it is just the right size for a small child, not too big for it to feel alien, not to small as to feel too small for being a buddy. it is very well made and no bits or pieces are likely to fall apart. I just wrote a review for a different product and couldn't find a single good thing to say about it; I can't find a single bad thing to say about this. The only thing to really say is that it is just an impossibly cute kitty. Give ti to someone you love.

  • 5
    super soft and doesnt shed!

    Posted by Elly on Nov 26th 2018

    The Stuffimals Lil Bunny Sue Roux the Two-Legged Cat Stuffed Plush Toy is adorable! The material the toy is made of is very soft. It's solid yet squishy. I really like it doesn't shed. The joints don't loose stuffing at all. The nose is hard and so are the eyes so this toy is best for children ages three and up. Do note if tugged on, the whiskers can come out. The details are spot on. We personally love the large glittery blue eyes that seem to sparkle under the right lighting conditions. It's been dragged all over and played with well and it's still retaining a good as new look to it. My kids love this cat toy and got to learn all about the real-life cat it's created after. It's been a playful friend and an eye-opening opportunity to see though born different an animal that endures daily which can relate to people too. A beautiful story of adoption and perseverance goes hand in hand with this plush! I highly recommend it and am quite pleased that a portion of each sale goes to helping animal adoption organizations!

  • 5
    recommended to all cat fans

    Posted by Uncle Dad on Nov 26th 2018

    Adorbz! Would recommend to anyone who is a fan of this footless kitty in real life.

  • 5
    all cats are beautiful!

    Posted by CATMAN on Nov 26th 2018

    Very cute and loveable just like the kitty who inspires it.

  • 5
    five stars

    Posted by steph on Nov 26th 2018

    So cute. The softest stuffed animal I’ve literally ever felt.

  • 5
    this thing is huge!!!

    Posted by Tiara on Nov 26th 2018

    I picked this plush up for Prime Day, and got it that week. When I opened up the box, I was seriously surprised at how big it was, compared 5o what I’d paid. She is much bigger than my others, but still fits on the top shelf!