Lunarbaboon Deluxe Vol. 1 + 2 Hardcover Comics

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It’s Lunarbaboon! The online webcomic about a 30 something dad is collected in not only two separate volumes, but for the first time ever, the out of print editions of the most relatable webcomic ever is being made into a hardcover book! 

Beginning the comic as a form of therapy, now Lunarbaboon’s comic helps over a million fans online. 


The first two volumes collected feature the dad and his wife, Danielle, follow their overactive son all over the place, from the safety of their home to the surrounding areas of Toronto.


Lunarbaboon’s wonderful black and white style allows every splash of color to stand out and feel intentional, reflecting our own mundane reality in a really unique way that has appealed across generations and nationalities. 


With over 200 pages of comics, behind the scenes content, an exclusive look at Volume 3’s, a brand new cover, and a dust jacket cover, this is one overstuffed book! 


Since 2012 Lunarbaboon has been entertaining everyone and only wishes to continue doing so with every strip he makes. 


All your favorite comics now combined into one big book! 


His work has been featured on the Nerdist, Huffpost, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and more!


Lunarbaboon's First Books are a Success with Reviewers!