Lunarbaboon's ABC's of Parenting Children's Book

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Since you're already in bed, read the ABC's of Parenting, a new book exploring every letter in the alphabet from the joys of childhood to the... "sometimes" joys of being a parent.

Remember everyone, there are always two sides to every story! This book is packed with over 50 pages of Art & Stories! 

Working with Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, and Robert Gross, Lunarbaboon looked not only at parenting but the experience of growing up through every single letter. There are two sides to every story and each parenting page features the children’s perspective beside it. Whether you’re a parent, or someone looking back at their own childhood, you might enjoy this book… and learn your ABCs while you’re at it!

Finally, every letter in the alphabet is covered, not once but TWICE in this hilarious children's book, where the children's experiences on the left page contrast with the parents perspectives on the right page. From A to Z, each page makes parenting easier than ABC! We all remember being a kid, interrupting and asking questions after the turn of every page. Well, this book is no exception and is sure to capture every child and adult's attention spans, making you better, and ensuring all those questions are finally answered!

So how did this brand-new book come about?

One summer, Marc, Rachel, and Rob were traveling to Michigan for business. Whenever they drove together, they’d spend a lot of time brainstorming and hashing out creative ideas while passing through the American countryside. A lot of ideas came from those long drives. Looking out, they began joking about being kids driving their parents crazy when they were young (a pastime they sometimes re-lived to this day). Marc would combine memories and anecdotes with potential stories they could tell in some form or another. Rachel and Rob contributing their own as well, it was agreed that the best fit for these stories would be Lunarbaboon’s art style! All of the trio’s collected experiences with parenting combined and distilled various jokes and moments from their lives into 26 letters. Those notes were fleshed out, edited, redrafted, and then edited again with Chris as he came in with additional writing and art.

Of course, the real fun was playing the game together and entertaining a surprise visit from Lunarbaboon himself! On that wondrous night, he opened up the ABC’s of Parenting and helped assuage Marc, Rachel, and Rob’s fears of becoming parents one day. He kissed them good night, tucked them in with the Anxiety Troll, and flew away to Canada. 

To this day, everyone thinks fondly of Michigan. And that’s how ABC’s of Parenting was developed!