Pretending to Grownup

Golden Bell Presents Webcomic World

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 Optional: You can combine two decks and have up to eight players!



adulting card game webcomic cyanide & happiness sara scribbles owlturd unicorn exploding kittens

Use Grownup Resources to Score Points

party card game with over 100 unique cards, Pretending to Grownup features common adult situations where players score points using their TimeMoney, and Energy.

As if adulting weren't already hard enough!

adulting card game webcomic cyanide & happiness sara scribbles owlturd unicorn exploding kittens

Please Play Responsibly

You can also "take on more responsibilities" on your turn by drawing 2 additional cards.

You can have up to 10 cards in your hand, but save those high cards for crazy turns!

adulting card game webcomic cyanide & happiness sara scribbles owlturd unicorn exploding kittens

Out Bluff your Friends in Poker for Millennials

Players can challenge other adults, choosing cards they think will best their opponents to score grownup points.

Simply declare aloud, “I have the most money!” or if you’re challenging everyone at everything, “I think I’m more grown up than you!”



adulting card game webcomic cyanide & happiness sara scribbles owlturd unicorn exploding kittens

Bend the Rules with your Favorite Imaginary Friend

The ace up your sleeve, the UNIPEGASAURUS (uni-pega-saur-us) comes flying in on a rainbow.

After players reveal their scores, everyone can play these Unipegasaurus wild cards to make winning your way through adulthood simple... just like all of our childhoods once was!


Famous Guest Artists!

Every game comes with:


  • An included expansion to play with up to 8 players!
  • Guest artwork from 32 popular webcomic artists like Cyanide & HappinessSara Scribbles, and more!
  • A physical, wooden Unipegasaurus token that represents a unique game mechanic!

adulting card game webcomic cyanide & happiness sara scribbles owlturd unicorn exploding kittens


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  • 5
    Fun game with great art, easy to learn.

    Posted by A. Fabbri on Dec 9th 2018

    Pretending to Grownup is a charming and funny game that is fun to play. The game involves taking tricks and bluffing. It works for 2-4 players, and games last around 20-30 minutes. Likes: - Humor. Deftly takes on modern adult life in ways that we can identify with. Squabbling, taking on too many resources, being tired all the time. Yep. - Resources: Time, Energy, Money. Yeah, I need more of all of those IRL. - Compact. The small box is easy to take along with you on trips. - Illustrations are great. Really love the artwork. - Reasonably-easy learning curve. - A great social game, which seems to encourage side-talk and having fun with friends. - Adult themes but not R-rated, really. Older kids could play along IMO, though they might not get all the humor.

  • 4
    We all enjoy playing it!

    Posted by thelastcoyote on Dec 9th 2018

    I've been playing this with my three sons, ages 25,16 and 13. We all enjoy playing it. The cards are funny and we love to battle over possession of the unipegasaurus meeple (although we have found that possession is not always a good thing!) The rules are simple and it's an easy game to pick up with just a quick play through. It's not a game that we would grab every weekend but it's solid enough to make it into our rotation. It plays quickly so it's easy to fit a game into our schedule on a busier day and fun enough where we can play multiple times in a row without getting bored.

  • 5
    Fun and Hilariouss

    Posted by ColeTAN on Dec 9th 2018

    We definitely had a blast with this game and it has become a favorite amungst our friends. Definitely recommend giving it a try!

  • 5
    starsPoints card game with fun and goofy cartoon characters teenagers can relate to

    Posted by Kendra on Dec 9th 2018

    My 13 year old niece played this with me and we laughed out loud. You pick who goes first by who recently said they were tired, you have "squabbles" with the player next to you, and "daydreaming" and "responsibilities" to add on. Use your unipegasaurous to +1 your points and daydream! Definitely a card game teenagers can relate to with lots of fun thrown in the mix. It will be one to pull out and play again and again.

  • 5
    Quick Game PLAY

    Posted by LV on Dec 9th 2018

    This game has become a favorite of my 16 year old daughter. She brings it out every time a friend comes over and has played it multiple times already. The box is pretty small, so she's even taken it with her on occasion. The illustrations on the cards are cute and funny. There are enough different cards that every game is new. The game moves pretty quickly and it can be completed in less than 30 minutes. I have played it once and found it to be okay, but slightly confusing, but my daughter just loves it! And in full disclosure, there are lots of modern games out there that confuse me these days! It's definitely appealing to teens.

  • 5
    super fun game

    Posted by Rick on Nov 26th 2018

    Awesome game for everyone, saw it and immediately knew it would be a big hit. Game is easy to learn and fast paced, a game takes about 30 min or less. Fun party game. Artwork on the cards is awesome and original and the writing is hilarious

  • 5
    Goofy fun with friends

    Posted by Chris on Nov 26th 2018

    Bought as a gift for an artist friend. We were happily surprised at the variety of funny illustrations. It includes a second deck with guest artists that are just as amazing and fit incredibly well into the game. I would play with 4 people for the most fun at least.