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Have you ever felt lost and alone in the Dark? The Altema Plush Fox will help you escape the dark catacombs... and hopefully find some solace from your journey.

Unbroken is a solo game of survival and revenge. After playing the game, you might be plagued with memories and hounded by nightmares of what transpired during your harrowing escape from the underground labyrinth. Part of what maybe helped your cunningness in the face of so much peril might be related to a mysterious feeling. That force seems to originate from some kind of living thing. Tracks of an animal, not the horrible beasts you've grown accustomed to expecting around tight corners, but a real fox-like creature, always led you forward through the Dark. Now, finding yourself away from danger, you can only think of ancient Altemas, or old spirits that are said to protect those in need.

This Altema Fox was originally in the game as a tracker token to help players follow along with gameplay phases and steps throughout the game. Hopefully, this larger depiction of the protective, legendary totem will guide you well both through games and life.

Why a Plush?

We've been experienced in making high quality plush collectibles for many years. The Unbroken Altema Fox is no exception. While still appropriate for small children, this plush is more of a high end throw pillow meant for display near gaming shelves or alongside other gaming collectibles. As fans of the minimalist art style featured in the Unbroken universe, we're excited to be breathing new life into the brand in plush form.

Many other companies use plush merchandise in particular to help generate additional revenue to grow their respective brands. For us, it's a simultaneous way of saying thank you to our backers thus far. Using the profits generated by this item to further deliver the remaining backers in the remaining regions is our number one priority.

Nevertheless, following that accomplishment, the plush will also help keep Unbroken alive and support the release of future expansions following the delivery of the first game. I hope you’re as excited as we are to see this long-awaited piece enter your collection! You can order your Altema Fox Plush Toy at:

Surviving against all odds continues to be a mantra behind Unbroken.

Remember that any obstacle can be surmounted with proper planning and maybe a little help from the Altema Fox plush.

Thank you for supporting Unbroken.