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Expected release date is Holiday 2020!

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"HALT! I am Reptar!"


Hold on to your diapers, babies. Grrr! For he is Reptar, the Perfect Children's Toy!


So, why Reptar?

Well, he’s the king of the dinosaurs! Hear him ROAR! Squeeze this official Rugrats plush tight before he becomes a runaway Reptar!


Reptar’s only the biggest dinosaur on TV. Despite being a monster, he inspires Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil. This cartoon Tyrannosaurus rex is merchandized in every corner of the Rugrats universe. He’s really that HUGE!

He’s got theme parks, branded cereal, and even his very own show on ice.


With your pre-order, Reptar can come to life as this licensed collectible. He's 15 inches tall and he'll come with a collectible, full color tag. Then you can make Reptar roar, bringing the king of the dinosaurs from the Pickles family television to your very own home!

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