Gamboni: The King of New York

Golden Bell Presents Golden Games

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Take control of one of the Five Families in a quest to become Boss of all Bosses. Play a full game in less than an hour or wage an EPIC MOB WAR for a whole evening of fun!

Each Family has their own special ability, suiting different strategies and personalities. Intimidate and fight your way to the top using brute force, or go for a more subtle approach of business and diplomacy. 

Players take turns to complete 3 phases;


1. Collect money and decide wether to take an assignment or snitch to the FBI for cash;
2. To the streets. Move 5 spaces and score points claiming territory, attacking and ordering hits;
3. Back in the office. Restock weapons and open businesses. Deposit cash, finish the day.  

A typical working day of a mafia boss. Score RESPECT points via attacks, area control and earning cash. The player with most points in a set number of rounds, wins.

✔ Fast paced - There are no dice.
✔ Action - Points via attacks, not victory.
✔ Negotiation - Bribe, trade and betray!
✔ Strategy - Characters special abilities.
✔ Bluffing - Rock-Paper-Scissors system.
✔ Betrayal - Snitch to jail opponents :-)
✔ Diplomancy - Form or break alliances.
✔ FUN - Random events, secret missions.
✔ Business - Pizza Co, Drugs, Stripclubs. 

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