Venture Party

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Venture Party is a fun and simple, 3-7 player, hand management game.

Fantasy themes and RPG tropes are turned on their heads in this game full of clumsy and unfortunately ill-fated heroes. The land is ripe with opportunity, and only one Venture Party will come out on top. Will it be yours?

However, there is one catch: none of your characters in Venture Party are very skilled; whenever they try to help, they get themselves killed (Unintentional rhyme - score!)



Venture Party is a fast, easy, and hilarious hand management game. Every turn you build up your party of unfortunate heroes only to sacrifice them for the good of the team. Your job, as leader of your Venture Party is to decide which character is putting their life on the line for the team.

Venture Party is wholly unique in the sense that every character you play will most assuredly die!

The goal is to end the game with the highest score, adding the total of your remaining Hero Power Levels and your Loot Tokens. The game begins by dealing 2 Character Cards and 1 Loot Token to every player.

On each turn, you draw one party member and play one party member. The game ends when the deck runs out and everyone tallies up their score.

TL;DR: You draw one card and play one card each round. You want to end with the highest cards. Oh yeah! And each loot adds one to your score!



Think of it like this: You must have the highest hand at the end of the game, so you build up your party. But you also want to stay on the offensive, thus you have a character make a move.

Your characters are not smart, so they may help you out, but they also horribly maim themselves in the process! Ultimately, you lose a party member but also (hopefully) gain something.

Your Mounted Rogue (Level 2) could come back with an arrow in his head, yet he could return with 2 stolen loot snatched from another player. Or maybe you get into a dilemma where you don't want to risk your Level 12 Necromancer, forcing you to play your Level 3 Nihilistic Druid, ensuring you forget all your loot somewhere on the dungeon floor.

That's part of the strategy of Venture Party, simple yet strategic.


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  • 5
    easy to pick fun for all

    Posted by Matty on Nov 26th 2018

    This game was really easy to learn. Can play with as few as 3 people but is the most fun with a group of people. Mixes both skill and luck so every game doesn't end up the same. Definitely a good game to add to the collection.
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  • 5
    Fun for everyone

    Posted by Kaitlyn on Nov 26th 2018

    Love this game! WAY easier to learn than most card/board/tabletop games, but that doesn't mean there isn't a ton of strategy. Takes less than a minute to learn and has everyone laughing and fighting the whole time. It says 13 and up but I don't think it is that graphic, older people seem to like it too. We break it out to play with the whole family.

  • 5
    Love it. Nothing as good as this game

    Posted by Cyber Zombie on Nov 26th 2018

    Love it. Nothing is so good as a game you can jump in on with new people at any given time. Quick rounds, so nobody is ever out for long. Was playing it with a friend at Pax East while waiting for another game to start. We were able to get a few rounds in and by that point we had a bunch of people just join in. The learning curve was perfect and people were having a blast by the end of their first game.
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  • 5
    Fun and Fast

    Posted by Wulfstan on Nov 26th 2018

    Fun & fast soda and pretzel game for game nite.

    Easy to play, has luck and strategy elements, both.

    Each game lasts less that 30 minutes, usually half that.

    One thing is that the more the merrier in this game, so get a large party.

  • 5
    Just silly enough, just dark enough!

    Posted by Just Trying to Help on Nov 26th 2018

    There was a lot of enjoyment the night that we played this with our teenage kids. This game is silly but not too silly with just enough dark humor to keep them engaged and laughing. Would really recommend it if you want to be unplugged and having a good time too!

  • 5
    fun variation on "Love Letters"

    Posted by Art 87 on Nov 26th 2018

    i like this variation of the "Love Letters"-type of game where basically you play character cards against each other. the winner is the player who collects the highest value character cards plus loot tokens. this expands the basic Love Letters games by adding the mechanic of collecting character cards & loot coins rather than just pure survival. the artwork is colorful and whimsical.

  • 5
    No batteries, no streaming - all that's needed is a good sense of humor

    Posted by Miss Barbara on Nov 26th 2018

    Venture Party is a fun and unique game (especially these days) where the characters are anti-super hero. In fact they’re klutzy though endearing. The goal is to get the highest score which is not very different from every other game you’ve played. The game ends when the cards run out and everyone adds their remaining Hero Power Levels and their Loot Tokens.

    The character cards are really funny. They may help you or mess up everything you’ve worked so hard for – and maim themselves in the process. This is a quick game that’s easy to learn. No batteries. No streaming. No computers. All that’s needed is a few friends with a good sense of humor.

  • 4
    Fun, Fast Game that Combines Luck and Strategy

    Posted by Mike O. on Nov 26th 2018

    I got Venture Party for a gaming addicted group of friends just to see if I could get them away from their computers for a while! It worked, and they really liked the game. I'm a casual gamer at best and even I didn't have any trouble learning the game and having fun with it. I was relieved it combines luck and strategy so these crazy gamers didn't automatically win each game. 15 to 20 minute rounds so it's not too tedious, and folks can take a break and join in later if they want.

    Considering the relatively high price of the game, I found the quality of the cards and game tokens to be only average at best. The card graphics are very colorful and fun, and are decently rendered.

    **** 4 STARS - RECOMMENDED ****

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    hard coded for family fun!

    Posted by Dmitry on Nov 26th 2018

    We played a few rounds with a group of 5. We are usually fans of games like Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples and others. With so many Kickstarter backers, it was surprising that we were not blown away by it. Its not a bad card game, per se, but I thought this was more about luck than user-generated content and creativity that usually brings laughs to a party card game. On the other hand, this is a very good family game and definitely "safe for work." There is strategy involved of either holding on to a high-value card or playing it, which can make you or break you, but overall the one who has the right cards at the right time will win(Steal the pot cards.) See how the box-opening contents look like in the picture attached.