Appa Official Avatar: The Last Airbender Licensed 30 Inch Plush

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Expected release date is Holiday 2020!

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The only known living sky bison to every character in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, this flying animal companion has six furry legs and a gigantic flat tail. 

Ours doesn't come with a tongue sticking out though!

He comes in two different sizes. The smaller plush will be 15 inches in length, while the larger sized plush will be 30 inches in length. 

The larger Appa is large enough to be a half-body pillow for those in need of a soft animal companion to always be there!

You'll be getting the 30 inch plush with this purchase!

You'll also get a collectible hang tag attached to your plush.

The tag just gives you some exclusive printed artwork to enjoy to remember that Appa will always be with you!

Even if he’s one of Aang’s best friends, Appa can still be one of yours!